Dragon ball z dokkan battle hack and cheats review

Dragon ball z dokkan battle hack – Quick And Safe Online Generation Of Free Zeni And Dragon Stones!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle mobile game is all about nonstop action and that too free of cost. This particular free-to-play mobile game is released for both iOS and Android platforms and entirely based on Dragon Ball Franchise. You will surely fall in love with the action game as most of the Dragon Ball series characters have been added like Goku, Piccolo, Emperor Pilaf and lot more. If you think of playing the game seriously, you must find effective ways or simply use Dragon ball z dokkan battle hack to get zeni and dragon stones at a rapid pace. Just like these game resources, even stamina, health and Dokkan have a huge role to play in your performance and one can easily unlock them with our dbz dokkan battle hack.

dragon ball z dokkan battle hack

Dragon ball z dokkan battle hack cheats – Explore The Game Deeply!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game comes with an intriguing gameplay where you need to deal with formidable adversaries belonging to the Anime series. With this particular game, you will get an opportunity to explore the popular and favourite areas in a unique way. Yes, in order to make quick progress and develop a strong team, there is a need to make the best use of the available items. Strengthen your team demands many Zeni and Dragon stones and these game resources could be easily generated via dbz dokkan battle hack.

dbz dokkan battle hack

Try to Build Your Dream Team

For each player, it is imperative indeed to assemble a perfect team that contains different Dragon Ball characters. Yes, apart from gathering those valuable characters, you need to take care of their health, stamina, and Dokkan. It is a daunting task for most of the gamers to take care of all aspects of the game but when they opt for Dragon ball z dokkan battle hack apk, they have nothing to worry in terms of collecting Zeni, dragon stones and lot more. Even unlimited stamina, health and Dokkan is released in quick time and players can focus on their winning strategies.

More often than not, only rich players can afford to build a strong team as they are able to spend money on Zeni and Dragon stones. The release of our hack will help in creating equal winning opportunities for all. The battle will only get intense as the application of dbz dokkan battle cheats will unleash the true potential of the characters and they will become stronger. The fate of the incredible and breathtaking Dragon Ball universe completely depends on your decisions and there is a need to work along with different trunks in order to sort out the mystery.

In-app purchases

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle contains many important items that are only available via in-app purchase and can easily boost your gameplay. Some of these items are Zeni and Dragon stones and they can easily create a huge hole in your pocket when purchased with real money. On the other hand, Dragon ball z dokkan battle hack is good enough to get unlimited Zeni and Dragon stones and will enhance your winning chances with ease.

Crucial Aspects Of Dragon ball z dokkan battle hack

Guys, who have finally decided to use daragon ball z dokkan battle hack in order to attain Dragon ball z dokkan battle free dragon stones, they need to take care of several crucial aspects. Selection of quality hack tool is critical as a wrong tool will expose your gaming identity thus resulting in account banning. Just apart from account banning risk, some of the cheats are merely designed with a purpose to fill your gaming device with viruses and steal important information. At your own level, you need to avoid these wrong tools and opt for the Dragon ball z dokkan battle dragon stones hack mentioned here.

Dbz dokkan battle hack Features

This particular section of the post will unleash the important features of the dragon ball z dokkan battle hack tool. The tool being designed by experienced hackers contains highly advanced features that will not only protect your gaming identity but also generate Zeni and Dragon stones free of cost. Apart from these game resources, the dragon ball z dokkan battle hack android will also activate unlimited health, stamina, and Dokkan in no time. The time has arrived to check out following impressive features of the dragon ball z dokkan battle hack tool and build an unbeatable team with minimum effort.

  1. Tried and tested on different platforms
  2. Comes with easy generation process
  3. The use of anti-ban script makes it possible to protect gaming account of the gamers
  4. Instructions are clearly mentioned
  5. Developed by skilled hackers
  6. You are not required to pay a penny to use the hack
  7. Coders keep on working on Dragon ball z dokkan battle cheats to add new features
  8. Use of inbuilt proxies really make the hack tool 100% safe
  9. No downloading or installation required
  10. No long surveys to complete

With 10 awesome features and 24 hours customer support, using dragon ball z dokkan battle hack is a great way to make quick progress in the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game.

Generation Process

  1. Check our homepage and access Online Dragon ball z dokkan battle hack
  2. Provide Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game username
  3. Always add exact value of Zeni needed
  4. Always add exact value of Dragon Stones needed
  5. Select your gaming platform
  6. Click Generate button
  7. Have patience and within few moments the dragon ball z dokkan battle hack will generate the game resources and transfer them to your gaming account.
  8. Restart your game if you don’t see the added game resources


With nothing to lose and a lot to gain out of the dbz dokkan battle hack, it is the right time indeed to follow the above-mentioned generation process and emerge as a winner of the amazing battle game. Already thousands of gamers have fallen in love with the dragon ball z dokkan battle hack tool and sharing their genuine opinions to assist struggling players. The dragon ball z dokkan battle hack will only make the game competitive and help gamers in saving their precious time and money.

How to win at Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – Very quick tips!

If you have not jumped, it’s free and. Here are some quick tips on how to quickly move to higher levels.


Use the training mode to increase the level of combat characters of the same color


Do not miss the training mode – you can still earn XP. To get the most out of this, select a training partner of the same color as the Yoru character who is trying to reach the bonus level, and choosing two identical characters makes it possible to increase the Super Attack level of this character. The training mode is pretty strong – put time there and went through all the special training partners, and go back there every time you can not knock down some of the most difficult opponents of the game.


Remember the type chart or keep at least good notes on your side


As in many other games, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle places characters in certain categories that are strong or weak against other types. Most of the information needed to get the most out of battles is reduced to the “Type of game” diagram, which shows the strengths and against each other type. For example, STR red symbols are strong against yellowish, but weak PHY characters against the blue GLA symbols. Any STR attack against other types deals normal damage, but players can do harm by keeping attacks in line with their strengths and weaknesses.


Earn bonuses by tracking seven dragon balls


It’s obvious: when you capture them, select the “I want more allies” bonus, and it will increase your character slots to 10. These extra slots offer much more strategic options. Not only is the tracking of the seven Dragon balls an integral part of the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, but fighting is even more fun when you have a giant crowd in tow. This should be your priority.


Use Dragon Stones only for calling


Perhaps not the best idea to use Dragonstone to restore endurance or rebirth after a boss battle. Instead, try again later after the update. Store these dragon stones to summon new characters and allow statistics, such as endurance, to recover over time. This saves more than money and time, but also makes the game more enjoyable. Do not try to impose it cruelly, you will simply be disappointed. Remember, go back to workout mode to recover.


Get free bonuses and other daily rewards


In most cases, you can accumulate Zeni (Silver) and Dragon Stones just to log in. Even better, you earn more rewards by registering a few days in a row, which means that it is better to check once a day, even if you do not go to the arena. Daily rewards can really take shape, and in combination with special game events, players can quickly take the lead in competitions without much effort.


Practice makes perfect


This can be taken for granted, but we still say: nothing helps to complete a team of fighters, such as experience. Also, take a look at the dragon ball z dokkan battle hack for unlimited dragon stones. Sometimes the players simply did not make enough progress to finish some of the heavier fights in the game, and everything is in order. Dragon Ball Z Battle Dokkan can be very useful if you take the time to follow the tips in this brochure and on the deck obediently go every day, even when you enter.

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – The Newbies Guide

Index guide:

  • What is the Dokkan battle?
  • Maps, types, rarities, appeals, awakenings;
  • Quests and Events
  • Guide to the game of battle;
  • Miscellaneous (medals, special events, missions, etc.)

Let’s start!

What is the battle of Dokkan?

Dokkan Battle is a card game, the purpose of which is to collect many powerful cards and defeat the missions! This is a fun game because it relies on the excitement factor to do something good, be interesting and kill the time. Read the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tips first.

Cards, types, rarity and circulation

As I said, the game includes a collection of cards featuring characters from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Types are the factor defined by the card, which determines which types are good, bad and neutral with respect to this card.

There are 5 different types of cards:

  • PHY (physical) – yellow sign;
  • STR – red sign;
  • TEQ – green sign;
  • INT – the purple sign;
  • AGL – the blue sign;

This guy determines the pros and cons of each card in the game

So, here’s the schematic for types

Good – advantage

Bad – Deficiency

PHY is good against INT, but it’s bad against STR;

STR is good against PHY, but it’s bad against AGL;

AGL is good against STR, but it’s bad against TEQ;

INT is good against TEQ, but it’s bad against PHY;

TEQ is good against AGL, but it’s bad against INT;

So, suppose you use Super Saiyan Broly, whose type is STR, which means that in combat it does more damage to the enemy type PHY, but does less damage and causes more damage from the AGL opponent.

But now you ask, how can I get maps for my team?


Summons to court

To get the cards, you need to go to the call menu, after entering you will see several screens, these screens are called banners, and each banner contains different cards for calling. The call costs Dragon Stones, which you can earn by completing missions, events and daily connections. One call costs 5 dragon stones and gives you one card, a multiple call costs 50 dragon stones and gives you 10 cards. The shooting of the card you want is not guaranteed, because each card has a different shooting speed.


Rarity of the card:

The game only 6 different rarities of cards

N (Normal) are cards that you do not intend to use in combat, and serve only for training your characters, the maximum level is 20;

R (Rare) – Same as regular maps, the maximum level is 40;

SR (Super Rare) – These cards are useful only when starting the game, as they progress in the game, these cards become useless, the maximum level is 60;

SSR (Super Super Rare) is the highest calling card rarity, so if you make a call, the highest rarity you can get is SSR, the maximum level is 80;

UR (Ultra Rare) is a rarity card that can be achieved by waking up the SSR rarity card, it increases the statistics of cards, HP, ATK & DEF. Suppose you have an SSR card, and its statistics are 7K HP, 8K ATK and 9K DEF, if you wake the card in the UR rarity, this statistic will be slightly increased and the maximum level will reach 100;

LR (Legendary Rarity) – this rarity of cards is the highest in the game, and only a few cards have this rarity, it is extremely difficult to get and consume a lot of time, these cards have exceptional performance in combat and are some of the best cards in the game the maximum level is 150;

What is the card?

The team can consist of 6 members + 1 friend, which you can choose for the battle

The main card you will have is a leader, each card has a leadership skill, so if they are placed, you have a leader in your team, the skill of this leader will be activated (the leader’s skill of the friend you chose to fight is also activated ), all other maps that you have on your team will not be activated.

For example, the leader leader of your leader in your team is TEQ type + 50% ATK, which means that every TEQ card that you have in your team will receive a 50% increase, each card without TEQ will not receive this increase.


Passive skills

Passive skill is what is activated for each card during the battle. Unlike the leader’s skill, each card in your team activates its passive skill.

Suppose you have a character with passive “ATK & DEF + 70% for all allies” ability, which means that this card will give 70% of the attack and defense for every other card on your team throughout the battle, but do not forget , that every stroke that you have on your team will be passive, so it’s 7 common cards with passive use, unlike the leader’s skill, which is activated only by your leader and your friend.


Communication Skills

Link skills are a mechanic that increases your character in different ways.

The card can have up to 7 different communication skills

Let’s say your character has the communication skills “Prepared for battle”, which gives 2 Ki and “Fierce battle”, which gives a 15% increase in ATK

If you put side by side 2 cards that have general communication skills, they will receive these impulses, however if you have connected a character who has both of the above communication skills, a character who has only one of them has only one that has they have a common, will be activated.


Quests and Events

Quests are a mode in which you need to beat certain bosses to advance to the next area, the quests are divided by areas with a certain number of missions. Quests follow the part of the history of the Dragon Ball franchise

Events are a mode in which you can play different bosses, other parts of the story and where you can collect important items for the development of the game.


Awakening of Dokkan

Dokkan’s Awgings can only be played after Z-Awakening, this will keep your card in the rare UR, but the card will have another art, and it will get a big boost and raise the maximum level to 120

“Dokkan failures” are difficult to do, because you need to collect medals from hard-to-reach events, so Dokkan Awakening gives your characters such an impulse.


Medals are small round figures that can be obtained in capsules, when you play a mission, you can also get training objects and support items in this capsule.

Red capsules are educational elements;

Purple capsules are awakening medals;

Blue capsules represent support elements;

In addition to these identifying colors, each capsule has a background color that indicates how rare this capsule is.

White background means common element

Bronze background means a rare object

Silver background means super rare object

Golden background means ultra rare object


In-combat guide

When you go into battle with the enemy, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Your team will have a rotation, even if you have 7 cards, only 3 can be used, after you use these 3, it will go to the next set of 3 cards and so on.

On the screen you will see several different colored spheres that represent Ki. Colors serve for distinguishing types. The goal is to get 12 Ki in order for you to open the Super Attack card, if you do not get 12 Ki, your card will make a regular attack, if you get a sphere that matches the type of your card, your card will receive 2 Ki one orbit instead of one, but if you collect a Ki that does not match your card type, you’ll only get 1 Ki per puck. Iridescent ki of the sphere allow to reach any sphere of Ki, it does not matter, the color of the rainbow always costs 1 Ki.

The key factor is that you choose to attack an enemy whose type has a disadvantage against your character type, so you will inflict more damage, and if you are attacked by a character who has a type defect against your card, you will get less damage.

The amount of damage that you do and receive will vary depending on the card and the passive skill, characteristics and skills of the links.




The items play a decisive role in the battle, because they can save you in desperate situations, if you are at a low level of health and are going to lose, you can use healing Objects should be used wisely.

Z-Awakening and Awakening of Dokkan

This is due to the rarities of the maps


Let your character evolve with another rarity, as I said earlier, if you Z-Awaken the SSR symbol, they will become a UR symbol, and their maximum level will be 100;

For this you need medals, which can be collected in different modes. Take a look at the dragon ball z dokkan battle hack – it is newbies friendly.


Special events

Special events are missions that come for you to get something specific for a specific card, these events have a calendar and do not come every day.




The boss’s events are extremely complex events that you must do to get some awakening dokkan medals, to awaken the card. The dbz dokkan battle hack could be the key to win here. I’ve done my best to make this guide, I hope you can enjoy it, it’s not quite complete, because it’s for new players and I want them to make the game better.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack Dragon Stones and Zeni Cheats (Android/iOS)

dragon ball z dokkan battle hack info

DBZ Dokkan Battle cheats hack - Zeni & Dragon Stones Generator

dragon ball z dokkan battle hack info

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack is really important for such an adventurous puzzle-based online game, which has been created by AppsMob. In each battle you can use up to 6 characters at a time. There are numerous characters available in the game and all of them have different set of skills. So, you need to research on each of them and then create your team.Are you having trouble finding the hack tool to get free Zeni and Dragon Stone. Do not worry you can get the Dokkan Battle hack online and we give it for free. Indeed this game is on the rise in Android and iOS and a lot of download DBZ this game, so if you want to be the winner of your opponents do not hesitate to use this great tool. Another way to earn loads of Zenis is through ‘Enter the Savior’ event.

In levels 12-8, you can acquire 64k Zenis and use 11 Stamina in Hard Mode. This can be performed by a middle team; however, a demerit here is that it is longer. Some quests like the Terror Returns, The Mighty Ginyu Force, Malicious Android: Cell, The Ultimate Life Form, Alien Warrior Encounter, etc. will let you earn about 30-70k Zenis. However the best and the easiest way to earn Zeni is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack.If you are struggling to kill the boss then it means that your team is very weak and you should spend some time training and leveling up your team force. The training option in the game will enable you to select training partners. Ensure that you select the partner with the same color as the trainer because it will give you bonus Experience Points. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is an interesting online game, which is a mix of puzzles, card games, and board games.

The game begins when Trunks Time Machine has crashed on a planet and the Dragon Ball timeline has been thrown into chaos. The entire fate of the Dragon Ball universe is on your shoulders, so you need to get to the bottom of the mystery and solve it quickly you can start the game immediately with Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack to help yourself and skip the boring parts. To begin with, try to make several combinations of balls of the same color together as this will increase the intense of attack initiated on the enemy. So, if you are a fan of the franchise, then you should give Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle a shot! It is an interesting game and I would rate it as 5 on 5 stars. And to make it even more awesome I suggest you to try our awesome Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack ! If you liked our video about how to hack Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle then please hit the like button , sucribe and comment down below!

Hit button for search , then write “dragon ball z” and you will get the hack page like we did in the video.

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Install the game from here :
Google play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bandainamcogames.dbzdokkanww&hl=en
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The dragon ball z dokkan battle hack info – dragon ball z dokkan battle hack for zeni & dragon stones.

DBZ Dokkan Battle cheats hack - Zeni & Dragon Stones Generator

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack Tool Unlimited Dragon Stones Zeni Cheat V3 Update 11 January 20

dragon ball z dokkan battle hack tool

DBZ Dokkan Battle cheats hack - Zeni & Dragon Stones Generator

dragon ball z dokkan battle hack tool

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack Tool    Unlimited Dragon Stones  Zeni Cheat V3 Update 11 January 20

Made By PlenMake. Get it here https://tinyurl.com/yd2elaud before it’s patched. 11 January, updated.
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The dragon ball z dokkan battle hack tool – DBZ Dokkan Battle Cheats for zeni & dragon stones.

DBZ Dokkan Battle cheats hack - Zeni & Dragon Stones Generator


dbz dokkan battle hacks

DBZ Dokkan Battle cheats hack - Zeni & Dragon Stones Generator

dbz dokkan battle hacks

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The dbz dokkan battle hacks – dragon ball z dokkan battle hack for zeni & dragon stones.

DBZ Dokkan Battle cheats hack - Zeni & Dragon Stones Generator