Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tips, Tricks, And Strategies for Success

dragon ball z dokkan battle strategiesThere is a reason why Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the best-rated Dragon Ball Z games on iOS and Android: it has captivated players for almost three years and has had more than 200 million downloads since its release . It satisfies both hardcore DBZ fans and DBZ newcomers with a style of play that allows players to compete with characters from their favorite shows.

Of course, there is always room for improvement, and Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle fans who want to make the most of their game are well advised to keep in mind some important strategies. Here are the basics to improve your game and decimate your opponents in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.


Important Tips and Strategies in the Battle of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan

Practice makes perfect

This may seem obvious, but we will say it anyway: nothing allows to complete a team of combatants as an experiment. Sometimes the players have not really progressed to finish some of the toughest battles in the game, and that’s fine. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle will not return players for nothing if they are not up to par. On the contrary, the game has a robust training mode where players can choose special training partners to develop their skills. Better yet, players can choose a training partner of the same color as the character they want to improve to gain experience, and choosing two identical characters increases the super-attack level of the character.

Earn bonuses by tracking seven dragon balls

Not only is the search for seven dragon balls an integral part of the battle experience at Dragon Ball Z Dokkan, but players also have the option of selecting bonuses such as “I want more than” Allies “, which increase by 10 additional slots offer much more strategic options for the player, and their unlocking should be the first step for players who want to make the most of the game.

Do not waste dragon stones

As we discuss the need to practice, players should consider their abilities and needs when using kites. Basically, using a dragon stone to restore stamina or recovering from a fight with a big boss is a waste, because it’s so easy to try again later as you make more levels. If you want to gather dragon stones fast, use dragon ball z dokkan battle hack it is easy. Keep these dragon stones for the time needed and allow them to recover over time. This saves more than money and time, but also allows optimized gameplay.

The array of guys is your friend

Like in many other games, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle places characters in certain categories that are strong or weak against other types. Most of the information needed to get the most out of battles comes down to the “Game Type” diagram, which shows the strengths for each other type. For example, the red STR symbols are strong against the orange PHY symbols, but weak against the Blue AGL symbols. Any STR attack against other types deals normal damage, but players can do harm by keeping attacks in line with their strengths and weaknesses.

Stay on top of bonuses and daily bonuses

The maximum use of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is easier when players use daily rewards for the game, which offer absolutely free items, such as Zenit and Dragon Stones, for connection. Even better, players can accumulate great rewards by registering for several days in a row, which means that it is worth checking every day, even without the intention to play. Daily awards can really accumulate, and in combination with special game events, players can quickly lead in comparison with competitors.