How to win at Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – Very quick tips!

If you have not jumped, it’s free and. Here are some quick tips on how to quickly move to higher levels.


Use the training mode to increase the level of combat characters of the same color


Do not miss the training mode – you can still earn XP. To get the most out of this, select a training partner of the same color as the Yoru character who is trying to reach the bonus level, and choosing two identical characters makes it possible to increase the Super Attack level of this character. The training mode is pretty strong – put time there and went through all the special training partners, and go back there every time you can not knock down some of the most difficult opponents of the game.


Remember the type chart or keep at least good notes on your side


As in many other games, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle places characters in certain categories that are strong or weak against other types. Most of the information needed to get the most out of battles is reduced to the “Type of game” diagram, which shows the strengths and against each other type. For example, STR red symbols are strong against yellowish, but weak PHY characters against the blue GLA symbols. Any STR attack against other types deals normal damage, but players can do harm by keeping attacks in line with their strengths and weaknesses.


Earn bonuses by tracking seven dragon balls


It’s obvious: when you capture them, select the “I want more allies” bonus, and it will increase your character slots to 10. These extra slots offer much more strategic options. Not only is the tracking of the seven Dragon balls an integral part of the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, but fighting is even more fun when you have a giant crowd in tow. This should be your priority.


Use Dragon Stones only for calling


Perhaps not the best idea to use Dragonstone to restore endurance or rebirth after a boss battle. Instead, try again later after the update. Store these dragon stones to summon new characters and allow statistics, such as endurance, to recover over time. This saves more than money and time, but also makes the game more enjoyable. Do not try to impose it cruelly, you will simply be disappointed. Remember, go back to workout mode to recover.


Get free bonuses and other daily rewards


In most cases, you can accumulate Zeni (Silver) and Dragon Stones just to log in. Even better, you earn more rewards by registering a few days in a row, which means that it is better to check once a day, even if you do not go to the arena. Daily rewards can really take shape, and in combination with special game events, players can quickly take the lead in competitions without much effort.


Practice makes perfect


This can be taken for granted, but we still say: nothing helps to complete a team of fighters, such as experience. Also, take a look at the dragon ball z dokkan battle hack for unlimited dragon stones. Sometimes the players simply did not make enough progress to finish some of the heavier fights in the game, and everything is in order. Dragon Ball Z Battle Dokkan can be very useful if you take the time to follow the tips in this brochure and on the deck obediently go every day, even when you enter.

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